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Beach Chair Diaries took me about nine years to write and publish. In mid-April when I received my first copy of my book, it happened to be one of the hottest days of the year. My good friend, Amy and I drove the familiar mile to the beach in Marblehead to sit with and look at my book. A best- selling author, Bryce Courtney once told me that when I get my book in my hands and open it, it will fly into the world. Those next few months were a dream come true, with my book launch party (and what a party), book signings and finally feeling as if I've made a difference with my words. I hope that my book might spur people on to believe in their dreams and to go for it.

workshop leader ~

The Spirit of 76 Bookstore manager Hilary, has been one of my greatest supporters. I'm proud to say that I am their number one, independently published author in their 40 years of business, in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Hilary suggested that I might teach workshops, which I have taught three:

Publishing Your Book

Promoting Your Book

Author's Promotional Workshop

Publisher's University and National Writers' Union has also had me teach; Selling To Retail Stores. Grub Street Writers and Boston Centre for Adult Education have hosted the workshop: Sales Boot Camp for Authors. So many authors have helped me, I'm so happy to be able to give back what I've learned at conferences, when publishing and marketing Beach Chair Diaries. I hope to keep helping writers and authors through these workshops.

sales rep ~

Since 1984 I've worked full time as a sales rep selling women's accessories to boutiques, gift shops and catalogs throughout New England. Many of the items that I sell are Baked Beads jewelry, scarves, Hope and Words accessories,SockSmith novelty socks and How to Live cards and products. Please email me at: spurr1@msn.com for more info.